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Prison Law

“The mood and tenor of a nation can be judged by the way it treats its criminals and there’s treasure in the heart of every man if only you can find it”

Winston Churchill, July 1910

  • Categorisation


    We may be able to assist all prisoners with their categorisation reviews. From applications for a Category A review to applications for Category D.

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  • Parole & Licence Conditions

    Parole & Licence Conditions

    Whether serving a Life Sentence, IPP sentence, Determinate Sentence or Extended Sentence we can assist prisoners with their parole reviews.

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  • HDC


    We may be able to assist prisoners with their applications for Home Detention Curfew (HDC)

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  • Lifer Cases

    Lifer Cases

    We can advise and assist those serving Life or IPP sentences

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  • Guittard Review

    Guittard Review

    We may be able to advise and assist clients on applying for a Guittard review.

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  • Adjudications


    We may be able to assist client's with Adjudications before an Independant Adjudicator under Legal Aid.

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  • Appeals/CCRC


    Concerned about your sentence or conviction? Have concerns regarding a SOPO? We can advise and assist on applications to the Court of Appeal or CCRC.

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  • Recall


    We can advise and assist all client's who are subject to licence revocation and who will have their cases considered by the Parole Board.

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  • Judicial Review

    Judicial Review

    Concerned about a decision made by the Prison Service, Probation Service, Secretary of State or Parole Board? We can advise you on Judicial Review proceedings

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  • Other Prison Law Issues

    Other Prison Law Issues

    There are many other Prison Law issues that can arise during a prisoners sentence. We can advise and assist on many of these issues.

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  • Criminal Defence

    Criminal Defence

    Whether you have been charged with a criminal offence or you are simply under investigation, we can advise and assist you, usually at no cost to you.

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  • Prisoner Rights

    Prisoner Rights

    Prisoners retain certain basic rights which survive despite imprisonment and this section describes these rights

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