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Lifer Cases

There are several types of life sentences dependant on the offence that was committed. The Courts also have at their disposal an Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) sentence.

Lifers can expect to have a sentence plan/ pre tariff sift review to determine whether their case should be considered by the Parole Board at a pre tariff review. If accepted for a pre tariff review this will usually take place three years before the tariff expires. The Parole Board will consider whether the lifer is suitable for a move to open conditions. Legal Aid no longer covers these cases but we can assist on a private fixed fee basis. Please submit an enquiry request and we will provide you with a quote.

At the tariff expiry date lifers can request the Parole Board consider them for open conditions or release at an oral hearing. If there is support for release within their parole reports The Parole Board will consider this application at an oral hearing. All parole cases are now managed by an Intensive Case Management System (ICM) and oral hearings are not automatically given. The prisoner is fully entitled to legal assistance and representation. Should the Parole Board order release the decision will be binding on the Secretary of State and the prisoner will be released. Should the Parole Board refuse to release the prisoner a further review will take place at a date set by the Secretary of State. This should, under normal circumstances, be no more than 2 years. Again the prisoner does have the possibility of challenging such a decision. We should be consulted about that possibility immediately